In the mid 1970s the introduction of denim processing began, driven by the desire to wear comfortable / pre-shrunk jeans and increasing public demand for new fashion designs.

                         OUR HISTORY THRU TIME

Denykems parent company Kedgwick Laundry is started, driven by public demand for comfortable / pre-shrunk Jeans. With basic chemistry & machinery, this new industry sparks a new era of denim fashion and design possibilities.
Through the late 1970s Kedgwick expands into what will become one of the largest denim washing plants in Europe.
Continued growth required new technology leading to Kedgwick engineers designing & building bespoke machinery, sparking a new growth in laundry machine design.
Introduction of a re-designed Tunnel washer for semi-automated jeans washing.
Pumice stones are introduced creating what will be known as the “Stonewashed” look and the denim revolution begins.
With the foresight of the company chairman and continued requests from customers throughout the world, DENYKEM is launched.
“Snow-wash” becomes a booming fashion item and Kedgwick are one of the pioneers. Although this trend is short lived, this opens the way for more elaborate finishes and increases the public demand for “new looks”. Denim becomes a fashion / “must have” item.
Approached by a leading Biotech Company to evaluate the first Cellulase Enzyme for replacement of pumice stones for stonewashing.
After one year of testing in bulk production, DENYKEM becomes one of the first pioneers to introduce Cellulase Enzymes to the world for Denim processing.
Continued demand leads DENYKEM to become one of the largest players in Denim processing and Textile Enzymes, increasing its global position via a number of strategic partners and distributors.
With Denim & Textile processing becoming ever more Global, DENYKEM opens manufacturing facilities in China and Brazil.
Denykem enters Leather Processing sector offering a range of Bio-solutions.
Continued Investment in to “Greener” chemicals, smarter processing and stronger partnerships means DENYKEM continues to be the company to contact for all your Denim, Leather & Textile Chemical needs.

“Denykem Ltd was formed in 1986 using expertise acquired in years of Denim Laundry Processing, giving us an unparalleled insight in to the application of textile chemicals”.