Leather Applications

Leather Enzymes, offer reduced process times, less need for potentially harmful chemicals and reductions in surfactant usage, moving towards a much “greener” environmentally friendly production process.

Denykem supplies a range of Enzymatic solutions used  in the process of Liming, Soaking, Bating, Pickling and Re-Bating after the Wet Blue stage.



Removes salt, external dirt, and re-hydrates the hides.

Enzymes assist in removing dirt and soluble proteins, improving the rewetting uniformity, reduce soaking time, reduced use of harsh chemicals.

Products: Denysoak 10G, Deny-Deg/Bat, DenyDeg 50.


Removal of hair and epidermis, opening up of structure.

Enzymes facilitate in opening of the fibre, ensures good scud loosening, reduces usage of chemicals.

Products: Deny-Deg/Bat, DenyLime, DenyDeg 50.

De-Liming / Bating

Removal of Alkalinity.

Enzymes assist in bringing uniformity in the whole surface in terms of cleanliness of grain and softness.

Products: DenyDeg 50, DenyBate G

Pickling / Acid Bating

Softening of hides.

Enzymes benefit this process by bringing uniformity in the whole surface in terms of grain cleanliness and softness, especially used for small skins such as sheep/ goats.

Products: DenyBate G, DenyAcid Bate.

Neutralising / Re-Bating

Ph adjustment according to final article, reconditioning after wet blue.

Enzymes benefits include increasing tear/ tensile strength, improving area yield, improved softness.

Products: DenyAcid Bate, DenyRebate