Denykems range of Biological & Chemical solutions cover a wide range of laundry processing requirements.

From Desizing and Stonewashing, thru Tinting, Softening & Speciality products.


Alpha Amylase based products and compounds for starch removal and preparation of Denim fabrics in a wide spectrum of Temperatures and conditions.

Denyzyme HT & LT Range

All in One

Dual action Desizing and Stonewashing compounds for single bath treatments reducing Energy, Water and Time.

Ultra One & Ultra One LT Range


Cellulase based compounds for the Stone washing process covering the full range of pH and temperature conditions.

UltraStone & UltraStone LT Range 


Cellulase based products for Enzymatic Bio-polishing treatments at different temperatures and pH conditions.

Denypill & Denypill LT Range


A new range of advanced Low temperature  Enzymatic solutions designed to be applied in a closed  aerosol dispersion system.

Bio-Spray Product Range.

Antibackstaining & Wetting Agents

Ecological compounds and blends with exceptional anti-back-staining, wetting and dispersing properties.

Fully compatible with any enzyme based processes.

Denynon & Denydet Range

Indigo Bleaching / Indigo Clean Up

Innovative Enzymatic products for Indigo bleaching with exceptional indigo cleaning properties at low and medium temperatures.

Indiclear Cool Range

Special Washing Agents

Denykem Power White LT – Oxi based compound and agents for mild colour reduction & whitening of highlighted areas of Denim garments at reduced temperatures (40 C).

Denykem Power White LT


Softeners and special blends for a wide range of finishes and softening effects.

Denysoft Conc, Denysilk Range

Dyes and Tints

Wide range of Direct and Blended Tint colours.

Denydye, Supertint & Dirtystone Colour Range

Dye Auxilliaries

Cationic pre-treatments at hot and cold temperatures.

DyePrep Range