Textile Applications

Denykems range of specialised Enzyme products are designed to improve the fabric quality & increase the cost efficiency in textile processing.


Alpha Amylase based products for starch removal and preparation. covering a wide spectrum of temperatures and conditions.

Denyzyme & Denyzyme LT Range

Peroxide Neutralisation

Enzymatic neutralisation of peroxide.

DenyCat Range


Dual action Desizing and Bio-polishing compounds for single bath treatments, reducing Energy, Water and Time.

Denypill One L & LT Range


Cellulase based products for Enzymatic Bio-polishing treatments at different temperatures and pH conditions.

Denypill & Denypill LT Range

Wetting Agents

Ecological compounds and blends with exceptional wetting and dispersing properties.

Fully compatible with any enzyme based processes.

Denydet Range


Softeners and special blends for a wide range of finishes and softening effects.

Denysoft Conc, Denysilk Range

Dyes & Tints

Wide range of Reactive and Direct Dyes.

DenyDye Conc Colour Range

Dye Auxilliaries

Cationic Pre-treatments at hot and cold temperatures.

Dyeprep Range